2016 EMPA  Online media/radio Motorsports show of the year

2017 Broadcast Award for Dirt Track Racing Network

About Ed Lamberton

Ed grew up 8 miles away from Fonda Speedway and on sat. nights he could hear the roar of racing machines in his back yard. His father was a car guy, so at a young age Ed was introduced to the exciting sport of auto racing. It became a tradition in the Lamberton house to mow the lawn on sat. in order to go to Fonda on Sat. night. The passion that was born back then is still burning today as Ed in his fourth decade of sharing that passion for auto racing with his listeners. Ed started his broadcasting career doing a 1 minute segment on the auto racing scene that was created by his mentor John Stanley. A couple of years later Ed was asked to do his own show on WCSS Amsterdam, NY and Wheel People was born. After many years at WCSS Wheel People moved to WVTL also located in Amsterdam. During the 2015 season WSPD Digital Broadcast was added to the network to expand the show throughout the world. Wheel People will be heard here only at Dirt Track Racing Network. So join Ed each Monday night for the award winning Wheel People Show.